Millions of hours are lost manually entering data each year!

Learn how you can avoid wasting your time.

Simply combine MKP Software’s Shopify Integrator with;
Small business Accounting and Inventory management software QuickBooks.

After a quick and easy setup, you can sync your Shopify orders with QuickBooks in seconds.


Wouldn’t you like to stop wasting time manually entering your shopify orders?

Here are just a few of the time saving features.

Creates QuickBooks,Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, or Invoices.
Automatically update your QuickBooks inventory.
Ship faster using pre-addressed postage with
Ship anywhere in days with Shipwire’s global network of warehouses.
Two way Inventory quantity sync with QuickBooks Point of Sale including product variants.

Here’s how.

  1. Download Shopify Integrator.
  2. Run the installation process.
  3. Run through the setup wizard.
  4. Need Help? We will walk you through the setup.
  5. Relax and only spend moments each day to have your QuickBooks or QuickPOS  data updated.


Works with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks POS.

For QuickBooks MAC support please see. Shoplink QB